About the team at
bumble bee tree services

About us

The Bumble Bee Tree Services crew are experienced tree professionals that value reliability, dependability and friendly customer service. Our climber is a cert 3 qualified Arborist. We are fully accredited and insured for your piece of mind. As tree specialist we provide tree lopping, tree pruning & tree removal with a can-do’ attitude.We believe that our satisfied customers are our strongest recommendations & we strive tirelessly for every referral.

Malcolm & Sarah began the Bumble Bee journey firstly as a lawn mowing business just after starting their family in May 1999. Mal saw a need for tree felling, tree pruning & tree maintenance therefore establishing Bumble Bee Tree Lopping Services now Bumble Bee Tree Services. With all his experience Mal is the tree expert, he has been seen swinging high in the canopies around Cairns for almost two decades.


We are a family owned & operated  business established in 2001 by Malcolm and Sarah Skelton. Bumble Bee Tree Services provides tree lopping, tree pruning, tree removal, consultancy and vegetation management plans for residential properties & commercial developments. You can trust the team at Bumble Bee Tree Services to provide you with the right advice and quality service at an affordable price.


Certifications and qualifications we have to insure your job is complicated safely and effectively.

  • Cert III in Arboriculture
  • Certificate III in forest and forest products 
  • FPI 50199 – Diploma of forest and forest products 
  • FPI OHS 2A – Implement and monitor the organisations health and safety polices, procedures and programs. 
  • FPI H 3020A – Harvest trees manually – intermediate
  • RUH HRT 355A – Undertake complex tree climbing 
  • FPI C 2011A – Cross-cut material with a hand held chainsaw 
  • FPI I. 14A – Prevent injury
  • RUH HRT 223A – Climb small trees
  • RUH HRT 309A – Remove trees in confined spaces
  • FPI FGM 055A – Release trees / control weeds
  • FPI G 28A – Solve problems in the workplace
  • FPI FGM 058A – Rehabilitate tracks, quarries and landings
  • FPI G 41A – Use handheld tools
  • FPI FGM 111A – Fall trees manually – intermediate
  • FPI H 2001A – Trim and cross-cut felled trees
  • FPI H 3041A – Harvest trees manually – Advanced
  • FPI FGM 067A – Prune trees 
  • FPI FGM 109A – Undertake brushcutting operations
  • FPI FGM 108A – Conduct tip truck operations
  • FPI C 2029A – Work within environmental constraints
  • FPI H 3040 – Maintain equipment – advance
  • FPI FGM 112A – Fall trees manually – advance
  • FPI G 23A – Plan a complete activity
  • FPI OHS 1A – Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • FPI G 26A -Work effectively in workgroups
  • FPI G 37A – Apply basic first aid techniques 
  • FPI G 31A – Implement and solve numerical problems – advanced
  • FPI H 4053A – Lead a work crew 
  • FPI G 42A – Hand sharpen knives and blades
  • FPI FGM 065A – Select trees (for tending operations)
  • RUH HRT 318A – Undertake operational maintenance of machinery
  • White cards
  • EW

Our tree removal
equipment in cairns

Our equipment

We use the latest up-to-date quality equipment
in all of our services, such as:

  • Isuzu FRR Tipper Truck with 16.5 m3 Chip Bin
  • Vermeer BC1500 Chipper
  • Vermeer S800TX with 3 in one bucket and log grapple
  • Full range of Chainsaws
  • Latest SRT Equipment
  • Aerial Rigging Equipment
  • Field Service Utes

Why this matters

Using the right equipment for the job can save you both time and money in the long run, as it allows you to finish the project with the best results. This is especially useful after the job is completed, as the clean-up can be finished in mostly one trip, limiting the time off-site for dump runs.

Vermeer S800TX with 3 in one bucket and log grapple