Cairns tree lopping

Expert Tree Lopping Services in Cairns

Tree lopping and tree pruning can make a big difference to the overall health and appearance of your tree.  Bumble Bee Tree Services specialise in all aspects of tree care and we can help remove dead or decaying branches, take off branches that have been damaged in a storm or just give your tree a bit of a tidy up.  Tree lopping and pruning can not only remove any hazards, it can also increase the longevity of your tree so you can enjoy it well into the future. So for any tree pruning or tree lopping Cairns needs, give our team a call today.

Locally Owned And Operated

For almost 20 years, Bumble Bee Tree Services have been providing tree pruning and tree lopping services to Cairns and the surrounding areas.  We are locally owned and operated and place huge importance on customer service. We get a lot of work from word-of-mouth, so we’re keen to make sure our customers are happy with their end result.  We have an experienced team who will do the job safely and efficiently with no damage to your property. We’re fully insured and make sure our team are trained in the latest lopping and pruning techniques.  So if you have a tree that needs special attention, we’re ready to help.

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Tree Lopping And More

Whether you need a large branch removed from your tree or just need it to have a trim, our experienced team are trained in all areas of tree pruning and lopping.  Removing the dead or unhealthy parts of a tree can help a tree by allowing it to focus on new growth. This means you’ll have a healthier tree long-term. We can also help to control growth or remove any nuisance branches.  So if you’d like your tree to thrive for many years to come, let the team at Bumble Bee Tree Services cater to all your tree care needs.


Storm Damage Cleanup

Tree lopping is often required after a storm, strong winds or a cyclone and Bumble Bee Tree Services are available to help with any damaged trees or fallen branches.  If your tree has become a safety hazard, let our qualified team assess the damage and find a safe solution. We can provide professional advice on which branches need to be removed (or whether the whole tree needs to come down).  Don’t risk your safety or further damage to your property by trying to remove branches yourself.

Regular Maintenance

After pruning or lopping trees at your property, we’ll make sure the area is tidy before we leave.  We have a reputation for good clean-up work, so we’ll make sure your yard is clear and ready to go. We’ll take all branches and tree debris away so you won’t have to lift a finger.  At Bumble Bee Tree Services, we want you to be fully satisfied with the end result. If you’d like a free quote or advice on what to do with the trees in your yard, call our team today to discuss all your tree pruning and tree lopping needs.