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Bumble Bee Tree Services are the team you need for all types of tree care services in Cairns and surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated business can help with tree removal and lopping, palm clearing and land clearing. We also offer consulting advice, hedge trimming and pruning, coconut de-nutting, wood chipping and clean up work. Our experienced crew will give you professional advice and a quality result on all jobs, big or small.

Tree removal

Whether you need a tree removed because it’s unsafe, taking over your yard or just getting in the way, Bumble Bee Tree Services can remove it safely without any damage to surrounding structures. Our team are experienced in the removal of all types of trees and we like a challenge. Large trees or specimens in a tricky location are not a problem for our expert crew and we can also handle trees that have become dangerous due to storm damage or rot. We use various methods to remove a tree from your property and we can assess each situation on site. We’ll come up with a plan to get the job done safely and effectively. Our team have access to the latest industry equipment, so you can rest assured any nearby structures will be safe from damage. Removing a large tree is not something you should try on your own, so let our professional team take care of it for you.

Tree lopping and pruning

Tree lopping and pruning are an essential part of maintenance in your yard. This can be tricky when it comes to large trees or trees that are close to powerlines or other nearby structures. Bumble Bee Tree Services are experienced in all aspects of lopping and pruning and we can help your tree thrive for years to come. Removing the dead wood from a tree can help its overall health. It not only means the tree can focus on new growth, it will also make the tree look fresher and more visually appealing. A professional tree lopping or pruning will increase the longevity of your tree so it can be part of your garden for years to come. We can also remove any branches that have been damaged in a storm (or any branches you’re concerned about before a storm hits!). So whether your tree needs attention to address safety hazards or just needs a bit of a tidy up, our expert team can get that done for you.

Palm clearing

If you’re lucky enough to have a palm tree in your yard, you’ll know what a beautiful addition they make to any garden. But you’ll also know what a pain they can be! Bumble Bee Tree Services can help with removing those pesky palm fronds and seed pods before they make a mess of your yard or pool. And if you need your palm tree completely removed we can help with that too. Sometimes a palm tree needs to be removed due to storm damage, old age or simply to make way for a new project in your yard. Or maybe you’re just tired of picking up the palm fronds and seeds! Whatever the reason, we can remove your palm tree effectively without damaging your property. Palm trees can be particularly challenging to remove so don’t try to do it yourself. Our team have the skills and equipment to deal with palm trees safely.

Land clearing

Whether you have a large development project coming up or just need a small area cleared on your property, Bumble Bee Tree Services can help with all kinds of land clearing work. We can clear trees, stumps and natural vegetation so your land is ready for work to begin. We have experience with everything from major construction projects to smaller backyard landscaping work. Whether you need a space thinned out or completely cleared, we can get the job done quickly and effectively. Many property owners are using land clearing to better prepare for bushfires. Clearing fuel load is an important part of bushfire prevention, so let our team help you get your property ready. We can also create a fire break around your property so it will be at less risk of damage during the bushfire season. All property owners should be active in bushfire prevention and we are happy to provide professional advice on the land clearing needed at your home.

Consulting advice

The team at Bumble Bee Tree Services are experienced in all aspects of tree care and we’re available to provide advice on any concerns you may have. After almost 20 years in the tree care industry in Cairns, our team have seen just about everything. Our tree crew is highly trained and very knowledgeable, so we can offer expert advice on the trees on your property. If you have a problem tree in your yard and you’re not sure what to do with it, let us help. We can let you know whether the tree can be saved, whether it needs to be removed or recommend another appropriate solution. We’ll go through all your options and help you decide on a course of action. We can also create vegetation management plans for both residential properties and commercial developments. Let the professional team at Bumble Bee Tree Services provide expert advice for all tree-related issues.

Hedge trimming and pruning

A neatly manicured hedge can make a real difference to the overall look of a home or business. Often used at the front entrance to a property, hedges really make an impact when they’re properly looked after. Maintaining a hedge can be time-consuming though and if you don’t stay on top of it your hedge will start to look messy and lose its shape. Regular trimming and pruning is essential and Bumble Bee Tree Services can do this for you. Our team are experienced in all types of hedge maintenance so we can keep your hedge looking good. We can do this as a once-off service to get your hedge on the right track, or make it a regular thing to maintain your hedge’s shape and appearance. Our professional team can do all the work for you so your hedge can continue to make a good first impression at your property.

Coconut de-nutting

Coconut palms are a common site around our region and the trees themselves are a lovely feature in any yard. Falling coconuts are a real safety hazard though and it’s important you have them removed before they become dangerous. A falling coconut can cause serious injury if it lands on someone or may also cause significant damage to a car or structure. No one wants a coconut landing on their windscreen! Bumble Bee Tree Services can de-nut your coconut trees to keep your family and your property safe. We can scale your coconut palm to reach the coconuts and remove them before they fall. Our team is trained in the correct climbing techniques for coconut removal and we have the right equipment to get the job done safely. We recommend having your coconut tree de-nutted every four to six months. Our expert team can assess your tree to determine when its coconuts should be removed.

Wood chipping

If you’ve had a tree or large branch removed from your yard our team can have it wood chipped on site for you. Turning tree limbs and branches into wood chip makes the clean up work a lot easier and you’ll be left with a tidy yard and no waste. You’re welcome to keep the mulch yourself for use on your garden or if you prefer, we can dispose of it for you. Our crew has the latest chipping equipment on hand and our chipper produces a lovely mulch that our customers find beneficial in their yards. So whether you’re getting rid of a tree that has come down in a storm or you’re just tidying up a few big branches, wood chipping is a great way to recycle your old tree. Using mulch on your garden is a great idea, so let Bumble Bee Tree Services turn your waste into useful wood chips.

Clean up services

Living in North Queensland means you must always be prepared for cyclone season. Keeping your yard properly maintained is essential to reduce the risk of damage to your property when a big storm hits. Bumble Bee Tree Services can provide both pre and post cyclone clean up services. We’ll get your property ready for the cyclone season by assessing your yard for safety hazards and removing as many risks as possible. We can assess your trees for any weak spots and remove branches as needed. We can also keep everything trimmed in preparation for wild weather. If your property is hit hard by a cyclone, our team will be ready to help you clean up afterwards. We can clear fallen trees and branches and take care of any still-standing trees that have been damaged. We can remove storm debris from your property and make sure your yard is clear and safe for your family.