Cairns tree Removal

Expert tree removal services in Cairns

Problem trees can cause a lot of trouble in your yard.  Maybe your tree has become unsafe due to storm damage or rot, or maybe its size is simply taking over your garden.  Sometimes a tree needs to be removed because it’s in the way of a new project. Whatever your reason for getting rid of a tree, Bumble Bee Tree Services can help.  We can remove any tree from your property, whether it’s a large tree that’s become dangerous or a smaller tree in a challenging location. Give our team a call today and let our professional team remove your tree safely.

 Experienced Professionals

Bumble Bee Tree Services are the experts in tree removal Cairns.  Our family-run business has been operating for almost 20 years and we are experienced in all aspects of tree removal.  Our reliable team are fully qualified, insured and passionate about what we do. We’ll make sure your tree is removed safely with no damage to surrounding properties.  We have a good reputation around Cairns for our quality work, so let us help you out with your tree removal job.

 Safety Comes First

Removing an entire tree can be dangerous work and we don’t recommend you try it yourself.  The team at Bumble Bee Tree Services are highly qualified and experienced and we use a range of methods to remove a tree.  The process we use depends on each unique situation and we’ll need to assess the tree’s size and structure, the area available to ‘drop’ the tree, nearby structures and powerlines.  Safety is our first priority, but we’ll remove your tree as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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 Reliable Equipment

We have the most up-to-date equipment to handle any issues that come up during the tree removal process.  From chainsaws to chippers and all the necessary rigging equipment, the team at Bumble Bee Tree Services can get the job done right.  Our team specialise in ropes and aerial rigging, so working at height is not a problem. We don’t mind a challenge and our team have removed trees from some very tricky locations.  Quality equipment means a quality result and also means a better clean-up when the job is done. 

 Clean, Safe & Quick Service

While we hold a great reputation for our professional tree removal cairns services in cairns, at Bumble Bee Tree Services, we’re also known for our detailed cleanup work.  We can mulch the tree for you after it’s been removed and we make sure all other tree remains are taken away.  We’ll make sure the site is all clear so there’s nothing left for you to do.  Because we have the full range of equipment at hand, our team can usually do the full clean up in one trip, so we’re not spending time off-site for multiple runs to the dump.  You’ll be pleased you chose us when your yard is looking clean and tidy!

Professional Advice

If you’re not sure whether your tree needs to be removed or not, we’re happy to provide professional advice. We can assess the situation and let you know what your options will be. We can also provide a free quote, so call Bumble Bee Tree Services today.