Cairns Palm Clearing

Expert Palm Clearing in Cairns

Palm trees are a beautiful feature in any yard and are very common around our area.  Nothing says tropical North Queensland like the sight of a palm tree standing tall on your property!  But they can definitely cause a few headaches, so if you have one in your yard that needs to be removed, Bumble Bee Tree Services can help.  Their unique structure makes them tricky to remove, so we don’t recommend trying it yourself. We’re the experts in palm tree clearing and we can do the job for you safely and quickly.  For all your palm tree removal needs, give Bumble Bee Tree Services a call today.

cairns palm clearingWe’ve been servicing the Cairns area for almost 20 years and our team is experienced in all aspects of tree care and removal.  Bumble Bee Tree Services is a family-run business that believes in customer service. We’ve earned a reputation for quality work and we’re always keen to impress our customers.  Our team are all fully insured so you can rest assured your home is in safe hands. The tree crew are highly trained and they keep their qualifications up to date so they can continue to provide professional service and advice.  Palm tree removal is a specialty for us, so call today to discuss your property’s needs.

Palm trees may need to be removed for a range of reasons.  Perhaps your tree has become unsafe due to age, rot or insect infestation, or perhaps it has copped a bit of damage in a storm or cyclone.  Maybe you want it removed because the fronds and seeds have become a never-ending issue in your yard or pool. No one wants to spend their weekends picking up palm fronds!  Or maybe your palm tree just has to go to make way for a new landscaping or renovation project on your property. Whatever the reason, Bumble Bee Tree Palm Clearing Services can help.  

Safety is always a concern when removing a palm tree and that’s why it’s important to let a professional team do it for you.  Don’t take any risks with your family’s safety or with potential damage to your 

palm clearing cairns

property and neighbouring properties. The structure of a palm tree makes them particularly challenging to remove, especially if they are in a tight location or in a place that’s difficult to access.  The team at Bumble Bee Tree Services is trained to handle these situations, so we’ll make sure your tree is removed without any risk to nearby structures. 

Bumble Bee Tree Services can provide expert advice on the best way to deal with your problem palm tree.  We’re familiar with all the species of palm trees found in our area and we know the best way to handle any situation.  We enjoy a challenge and have the right equipment to work efficiently on any palm tree issue, whether it’s removing fronds and seeds or taking the whole tree out.  Whatever your palm tree needs, our experienced team are ready to get the job done.